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Working away at things ... not much news at the moment, some news, but I'll write that up later, and also start to post about e-learning, video conferencing and social media.

I am presently based at Heriot Watt University, where I am working for SUPA. This is a collaborative research and teaching pooling initiative combining seven of the Scottish university physics departments. In particular I have been helping to set up a virtual postgraduate teaching programme which is being made possible using video conferences and electronic communications.

Out of hours, I am continuing with a bit of voluntary work with the Red Cross, and also using Second Life as a means to work with a couple of groups of young people. Over the last few months we have been regularly meeting online with a group of students from a school in Washington DC, this is an initiative where we have been working with global kids to trial curricular materials, and develop an game/environment to discuss social issues.

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