About : Sean Farrell

This is a page which will, hopefully answer the questions 'Who am I', What is this website about, and Why are you writing it

Unfortunately I am particularly bad at just getting on a writing something. When finding the right words to describe myself I keep finding that I always revert back to the form of a CV, listing employers and jobs. This can be very boring and doesn't show much imagination in defining yourself outside of a work context.

The short version of the story so far is: I'm a Physics Graduate from University of Edinburgh. Spent about 5 years working in IT with a variety of companies including RBS, IF, and Sun Microsystems. I have recently got married and just completed a teacher training course at University of Glasgow (Secondary School, Science).

Interests include films and reading. Yes I know it's the standard answer on about half the world's CV's, but its true. I do go the local UGC cinema whenever I can, and enjoy reading sci fi for fun - I really have to find time to finish Ken McLeod's new book.

Computer related interests include:

Geek Code

Version: 3.12 Date: 2003
GS/ED d++(-) s: a- C++ USB++ UL P+(--) E--- W++ N++ w(-) M+ Y+ PS PE- PGP>+
e++(--)>$ t+@ 5+ tv b+ D-- DI+ r+++ y? h---(-) h