Sean's Regular Reading List

Other lists of regular reading material listed under mazingo and avantgo.html. I've also collected a list of sites connected to radio and tv stuff. I also need to do more with various science news sources.

Regular Reading

The Risks Digest critical review of risks and issues associated with technology
The Register tech news and satire a highbrow slashdot
... and for balance alternatives to Slashdot
Institute of Physics
Science Now Home
NewsForge: Open Source News
Root Prompt to continue the linux theme
Solaris Central
A List Apart - web design articles - web design community (new home of wired's monkeyjunkies)
byte magazine
More Like This WebLog PDAGeek
infoSync forward looking pda news - daily updates for new and updated open source software
The Scotsman to come back to real world events
The Week
EFF - the Electronic Frontier Foundation
use Perl